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At the end of 2008, ORLEN Deutschland AG, managed a network of 509 fuel stations, including 13 under the ORLEN brand, 463 under the Star brand and 33 stations located at hypermarkets. Most of them – 400 fuel stations, were owned by the Company, and the rest were leased.

ORLEN Deutschland AG - structure of fuel sales in 2007–2008 (%)

ORLEN Deutschland AG - structure of fuel sales in 2007–2008 (%)

The German retail market reported a downturn last year. Due to a rapid increase in raw material and finished product prices, fuel prices rocketed to over 1.50 EUR per litre of unleaded 95-octane last summer, which resulted in reduced fuel consumption. Another result of the situation was an increased price awareness among consumers and more interest in the offer of economic fuel stations.

However, such a trend was only one of the factors influencing ORLEN Deutschland success last year and its record sales volume of 1.9 bn litres. Major increase in sales at Star stations was mainly due to the consequent positioning of the brand, significant capital expenditure, successful canvassing of individual facilities, launch of a new product – premium star-98 and a large-scale marketing campaign supported by sponsoring activities.

As a result of an ongoing investment programme, 43 facilities were rebranded and consequently moved form thes premium to economy sector. Over 120 of Star stations were revamped (better lighting, strong facade colours, better visible logo and new style roofing). 124 stations were equipped with modern, well visible LCD price displays, whose form and size are unique in the sector. Fuel pumps and fuel level indicators were also replaced.

In July 2008, ORLEN Deutschland AG, with its Star brand, became a sponsor of three Bundesliga clubs: HERTHA BSC, Hamburger SV and Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Such cooperation is mainly aimed at increasing recognisability of the Star brand not only on decisive regional markets, such as Berlin, Hamburg and North Rhine - Westphalia, but also on the national German market. The sponsorship agreement is initially planned until the end of 2010.

With its “quick, simple and cheap” motto, over the last five years, Star has become for drivers a synonym of high-quality fuel at attractive prices. ORLEN Deutschland 2008 results prove that focusing on the German retail network development strategy for Star brand was the right thing to do, and the economy sector still has large development potential.

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