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Fuel production








Production volumes of selected refinery products in 2007–2008 (Mažeikiai, thousand tonnes)

  2007 2008 Dynamics
Crude oil processing 4 741 9241 94,9%
Other charge 1 075 338 -68,6%
Total charge 5 816 9579 64,7%
Total petrol 1 672 2827 69,0%
Diesel 1 869 3197 71,0%
Light heating oil 9 7 -22,2%
JET fuel 151 483 219,9%
LPG 285 396 38,9%
Total fuel 3 987 6910 73,30%
Fuel output(%) 68,6 72 4,9 p.p.
White product output % 68,6 72 4,9 p.p.
Refinery utilisation index % 53,4 90,4 69,3 p.p.

The overall increase in fuel production was mainly due to the restoration of full production capacities in the Mažeikiai refinery upon startup and inclusion into the refinery production chain of a vacuum distillation column in January 2008. This enabled the refinery to regain its production capacity and significantly increase white product output. Thanks to exceptionally good margins for aviation fuel, we significantly increased JET fuel production volume.


The most important investment project implemented in 2008 at the Lithuanian refinery was to restore processing and production capacities to their state from before the 2006 fire. At the same time, we continued construction of the hydrogen plant and replacement of reactors at two diesel hydrodesulphurisation units (HON). The first HON unit was modernised, and its reactor replaced in December 2008. The objective of the hydrogen plant is to ensure sufficient amounts of hydrogen for the second modernised HON unit to be started up in March 2009. The total estimated cost of the modernisation of the two HON units approximately is USD 100 mn.


Bitumen production volumes at AB Mažeikiu Nafta in 2007–2008 (tonnes)

  2007 2008 Dynamics
Road bitumen 94 357 140 084 48%
Roof pitches 312 9 376 2905%

Increase in bitumen production and sales from the Lithuanian plant was possible thanks to restoration of full production capacities at the Mažeikiai refinery upon startup of a vacuum distillation column and connecting the column to other devices.

Total asphalt sales from AB Mažeikiu Nafta in 2008 amounted to 51.2% more than in the previous year. Nearly 70 thousand tonnes of products were exported to foreign markets, in particular Latvia and Estonia.

Structure of bitumen sales in AB Mažeikiu Nafta in 2008 (%)

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