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Fuel production

In January 2008, the Płock refinery started manufacturing diesel oil with 5% ester content, under the National Index Target for biofuels.

Additionally, PKN ORLEN volumes were influenced by the startup, in February 2008, of a diesel fraction hydrofining unit at the Heavy Vacuum Residue Hydrodesulphurisation plant, which enabled us to increase finished diesel production alternatively with Ekoterm Plus heating oil production.






Production volume of selected refinery products in 2007–2008 (Płock, thousand tonnes)

  2007 2008 Dynamics
Crude oil processing 13 646 14 218 4,20%
Total petrol 2 610 2 800 7,30%
Total diesel fuel 4 568 5 078 11,20%
Ekoterm Plus heating oil 840 840 0,00%
Aviation fuel 355 418 17,80%
Propane - butane fraction 190 221 16,30%
Total fuels 8 563 9 358 9,30%
Fuel output (%) 62,75 65,82 4,9 p.p.
White product output (%) 77,94 77,98 0,05 p.p.


We continued construction of the Diesel Hydrodesulphurisation Unit (HON) VII, of annual production capacity at 2.2 mn tonnes. Upon startup of the new unit, the two oldest HON units will be wound down.

Meanwhile, we constructed the Hydrogen Plant II to supply hydrogen to all the new, extended and modernised production plants which require hydrogen for conversion, desulphurisation or modification of chemical compound chain structures. The startup of the unit, of 5 tonnes/hour capacity, is planned for 2009.

Since March 2008, we have performed construction works at the Reforming Plant V, at the following units: chloride and olefin removal from reformate and reformate separation into BT fractions. Those units will supply good quality products to the new Paraxylene Unit constructed in Płock, in the Petrochemical Sector. 2008 was a year of numerous comparative studies developed by Solomon Associates under production efficiency improvement project NCM3 (Net Cash Margin Measurement, Management, Maximization), whose goal is to ensure PKN ORLEN a stable and competitive position in the European market.

Production volume of selected refinery products in 2007–2008 (Trzebinia, thousand tonnes)

  2007 2008 Dynamics
Oil processing 148 238,7 61,20%
Total production 208,3 353,7 69,70%
Fuel plending DPT. 153,5 242,2 57,80%
Fuel components 45,5 73,8 62,10%
Diesel 7,3 8,1 11,10%
Heating oil 82,8 103,9 25,60%
Other products 17,2 55,1 219,60%
Gas from oil processing 677 1,2 85,00%
Biofuel production plant 54,9 111,5 103,10%
Rape oil methyl esters 47,7 93,3 95,70%
Glycerine 6 12 99,50%
Other 1,2 6,1 428,00%

Increased oil processing in Rafineria Trzebinia SA was mainly due to extended cooperation with a supplier of raw material recovered from Polish resources - PGNiG Warszawa, which resulted in higher domestic oil volume for processing at Rafineria Trzebinia SA. Production plans were also affected by increased petrol demand for pyrolysis processes from PKN ORLEN.

As a result of oil processing at the Trzebinia refinery, we obtain among others products used in further refinery processes in the ORLEN Group, petrol fractions, diesel fractions, and heating oil with sulphur content <1%, highly valued on the market, used in industrial furnaces, central heating boilers and technical furnaces, and, in the case of heavy heating oil, also as fuel for marine low-speed piston engines and marine steam boilers, and to start-up industrial boilers.


In 2008, we completed the Biodiesel plant capacity optimisation project, aimed at eliminating bottlenecks reported throughout the 4 years of the plant’s operation. As a result, standstill periods required to clean certain devices will be shorter.

Production volume of selected refinery products in 2007–2008 (Jedlicze, thousand tonnes)

  2007 2008 Dynamics
Crude oil processing 121,9 80 –34,4%
Used oil processing 31,6 33,3 5,40%
Other raw material processing 57,9 71 22,60%
Base lubricating oil 10,4 12,8 23,10%
Other heating oil 68,8 59,4 –13,6%
Light heating oil 96,9 82,9 –14,4%
Solvents 3,2 10,4 225,00%
Total production 202,8 185,6 –8,5%
DRW utilisation rate 90,40% 59,30% –34,4%

Nearly half of the oil processed at Rafineria Nafty Jedlicze SA came from domestic oil fields. The 42 thousand tonne drop in oil processing volume compared to 2007 was due to technological factors and disrupted rail supplies of low-paraffin oil from Ukraine, and the sudden drop in oil price listings in the second half of 2008.

Production in Rafineria Nafty Jedlicze SA is based on four main groups of products, namely: heating oil, base oil, solvents and special petrol. The largest group of products manufactured in Rafineria Nafty Jedlicze SA constitutes heating oil used for heat production, including heavy heating oil used in the production of bituminous mass.

The second largest group of products are base oils obtained from regeneration of used oil. The chief recipients of base oil are domestic and foreign lubricating oil and lubricant manufacturers.

Another significant group of products are top quality solvents recognised as “environmentally friendly” by both domestic and foreign customers, due to their low content of aromatic hydrocarbon and sulphur. The main solvent recipients are manufacturers of paint, varnish, specialist solvents and adhesives.

Other products are applied in the following industries: chemical, metal, automotive and mining.


Investment projects at the Jedlicze refinery focused mainly on preparations to the construction of a plant to process crude oil recovered from 26 local fields and to use it for the production of raw material for solvents and blending of heating oil.


ORLEN Asfalt production volumes in 2007–2008 (thousand tonnes)

  2007 2008 Change
Road bitumen 676 547 692 363 2,34%
Industrial bitumen 30 735 17 066 -44,47%
Specifics 446 375 -15,92%
Total 707 728 709 803 0,29%

In 2008, domestic bitumen sales went up by 9%; export sales went down in quantity, but compared to 2007, export was more profitable. Unrealised export volumes enabled increased seasonal sale domestically.

ORLEN Asfalt product sales in 2007–2008 (tonnes)

  2007 2008 Change
Road bitumen 670 958,06 695 482,56 3,65%
incl. export 132 973,78 109 556,54 –17,61%
Industrial bitumen 30 356,15 16 906,72 –44,30%
Total bitumen 701 314,21 712 389,28 -1,57%
incl. export 132 973,78 109 556,54 –17,61%

ORLEN Asfalt share in respective market sectors in 2008 was comparable to the previous year, oscillating between 37% and 52%.

Share in domestic bitumen market in 2008 (%)

Share in domestic bitumen market in 2008 (%)

Geographic structure of ORLEN Asfalt Sp. z o.o. export activities in 2008 (%)

Geographic structure of ORLEN Asfalt Sp. z o.o. export activities in 2008 (%)

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