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PKN ORLEN is one of the largest oil industry companies in Central and Eastern Europe. We process oil into unleaded petrol, diesel oil, heating oil, aviation fuel, plastics and petrochemical products.

We manage seven refineries in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. The Company’s refinery and petrochemical complex which is located in Płock is ranked among the most modern and effective facilities of its kind in Europe. In 2008, crude oil processing in ORLEN Group totaled 28 million tonnes.

Moreover, we have the largest fuel station network in Central Europe, covering Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. Our fuel stations offer top quality products and services. The ORLEN retail network is based on effective logistics infrastructure consisting of over and underground storage facilities and a network of long-distance pipelines.

As at the end of 2008, the number of ORLEN Group employees totaled 22 958 [1] people, including 4,724 in PKN ORLEN, 4,647 in Unipetrol Group, 3,517 in Mažeikiu Nafta Group and 108 in ORLEN Deutschland AG.


Our mission

Aiming to become the regional leader, we ensure long-term value creation for our shareholders by offering our customers products and services of the highest quality.

All our operations adhere to ‘best practice’ principles of corporate governance and social responsibility, with a focus on care for our employees and the natural environment.


Our motto

Whenever you need us.


[1] In this context ORLEN Group means the Company and its consolidated subsidiaries, excluding the affiliated entities.


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