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Compare 2007 - 2009

In 2008, the ORLEN Group Chemical Segment consisted of ANWIL SA and its subsidiary – Spolana a.s. with its registered office in Neratovice, the Czech Republic (ANWIL Group).

It is was the second year of the operating integration of the Polish and Czech companies. Over the last 12 months, ANWIL SA became the key supplier of ammonia for Spolana a.s., thus increasing the efficiency of its own plants in Włocławek. Compared to 2007, ammonia production went up by over 10%, which was one of the factors why the Polish company increased its return on nitrogenous fertiliser sales by over 18% (increase compared to 2007).

The downturn on the caprolactam market meant reduced ammonium sulphate production in Spolana, as this particular fertiliser is manufactured in parallel with caprolactam. Spolana a.s. reported an over 49% increase in processed PVC and sodium hydroxide (7% increase compared to 2007).

Reduced demand in the construction material sectors (e.g. wire production, window and other profiles, furniture or advertisement sector), combined with the strong zloty compared to USD and EUR, negatively affecting the export competitiveness, forced ANWIL SA to reduce unprocessed PVC production by over 19% and processed PVC production by over 15%. An overall 22% drop in sodium hydroxide production was due to lower demand for chlorine developed in the same process (used in PVC production).

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