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At the end of 2008, ORLEN Group employed 22,958 [1] persons, of which PKN ORLEN employed 4,724 persons, Unipetrol Group – 4,647 persons, ORLEN Deutschland AG – 108 persons, and AB Mažeikiu Nafta – 3,517 persons.

In 2008, 340 employees left PKN ORLEN. Moreover, 129 persons left under the Voluntary Retirement Programme from ORLEN Księgowość Sp. z o.o. and the logistics segment.

PKN ORLEN Employment Structure

In 2008, the most numerous group of all PKN ORLEN employees (90.1% of the entire personnel) comprised of secondary and tertiary education employees. In Unipetrol Group, the most numerous group consisted of vocational and secondary education personnel (78.72%), whereas in AB Mažeikiu Nafta – primary and university education personnel (55.19%).

In terms of age, the largest group among the PKN ORLEN workforce were people aged 31 to 40 (30.4%). Personnel aged 41 to 50 was the most numerous in AB Mažeikiu Nafta (32.50%) and Unipetrol Group (31.81%).

In 2008, women represented 21.30% of the PKN ORLEN staff, whereas men – 78.70%. The majority of Unipetrol Group personnel were also men (73.49%), whereas women accounted for 26.51%. Similar was the case with AB Mažeikiu Nafta: in 2008, men accounted for 69.32% of the entire personnel, and women – 30.68%.

Collective Employment Agreement

A milestone in the Company’s HR management strategy was the signing of the Collective Labour Agreement (ZUZP) for PKN ORLEN’s employees in November 2008. The main objective of the paper was to implement an idea of employment relationship management that would be compliant with the current legislation.

The ZUZP regulates the following issues: employing and promoting personnel, and terminating employment contracts, salaries and other employee benefits, staff assessment professional development and training, obligations of parties to an employment relationship, holiday leaves, working hours, work conditions and social benefits. Moreover, the ZUZP regulates the functioning of trade unions and the rules of social dialogue in PKN ORLEN.

Recruitment Policy in PKN ORLEN

In 2008, the chief objective of recruitment policy was to:

  • ensure continuity of business processes;
  • implement recruitment strategy in accordance with the corporate culture, corporate governance and corporate social responsibility;
  • ensure support to restructuring processes implemented in PKN ORLEN;
  • develop and implement solutions for professional development of PKN ORLEN personnel.

The tool that efficiently supported the recruitment process was the Talent Link application, which is used to notify business areas of recruitment needs, and to support the HR Recruitment and Development Department personnel at all stages of their work. With Talent Link, the personnel and candidates could check job ads, post applications online and modify their profile.

In 2008, PKN ORLEN was awarded as the Best Employer in 2007/2008 in a national ranking “Career with Employer”. PKN ORLEN received two additional awards as employer: “Attractive Employer” in a national employer ranking KOMPAS and “Ideal Employer” in Universum Graduate Survey 2007.

Student training

The Student Training Programme implemented by PKN ORLEN was very popular in 2008, both among high school and university students across the country. The programme involved on-the-job training in the Company headquarters in Płock and in facilities throughout Poland. The Programme was participated by 315 students – 68 in individual training, and 247 in group training.

Apprenticeship Programme

PKN ORLEN Apprenticeship Programme is one of the methods to accurately assess the competences and professional potential of participating candidates, and helps win young, talented and qualified personnel. In 2008, 36 new apprentices were admitted to PKN ORLEN, of which 4 people were offered to work under order contracts and 2 – under employment contracts. The other people are continuing their apprenticeship.

Management by Objectives (MBO)

The main purpose of the MBO motivation system, developed for key personnel in PKN ORLEN and the Capital Group, was to support the implementation of the strategy to improve the Company goodwill. In 2008, the annual bonus system under MBO covered 533 employees, and quarterly-annual systems – a total of 171 employees.

Competence Development Programme

The Competence Development Programme (PRK) is a process of evaluating and planning professional competence. In 2008, the programme covered nearly 600 employees from all business areas in the Company. The final result of the programme were competence-oriented training programmes participated by 126 employees.


The objective of the PKN ORLEN 2008 training policy was to support business areas in implementing strategic tasks and objectives by supplying the necessary expertise and practical skills. 6,760 employees participated in closed and open training programmes.

We also started a training programme: PKN ORLEN Project Management Academy, training sessions in “The role of a manager in team management” and HR System Development Programme – Stationary Training (LSO).

Social Benefits

PKN ORLEN provided the following social benefits: co-financing for holidays and events (sport and recreation, health prevention and rehabilitation, integrative events, trips, mass sport, celebrations), non-repayable aid, repayable housing loans and Christmas presents for children. We provided the total of approximately 38 thousand various benefits.

Remuneration policy in ORLEN Group

In 2008, ORLEN Group started comparing its salaries and benefits with market practice in order to assess the attractiveness of our remuneration and develop a methodology to adjust it to market requirements. In the future, the results will enable the Group to harmonise its remuneration policy, standardise solutions and develop mechanisms for vocational mobility within the Group.

[1] In this context ORLEN Group means the Company and its consolidated subsidiaries, excluding the affiliated entities.


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