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In order to ensure efficient and effective transfer of raw materials and finished products, ORLEN Group has access to an infrastructure consisting of: over and underground storage facilities, shore and offshore cargo handling facilities, a network of raw material and product pipelines, and road and rail transport.

The 2008 milestone in the logistics sector was the adoption of a logistics strategy implementation plan for the Capital Group, which translated into implementation of a number of restructuring, optimisation and strategic measures, resulting in the startup of a new organisational and functional structure as of 1 October.

In Poland, we performed a functional analysis of logistics and restructured and reorganised employment in the headquarters, and winded up regional structures. Also, we renegotiated road and rail transport contracts and signed a letter of intent with PERN “Przyjaźń” concerning construction of a product pipeline in order to optimise costs and increase security levels in southern Poland.

Logistics services at AB Mažeikiu Nafta initiated a tough process of renegotiating of a longterm contract with state-owned Lithuanian Railways, aimed at significant reduction of fees and convenient transport relations.

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