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Fuels - Refinery - The Czech Republic

Fuel production

Production volume of selected refinery products in Unipetrol in 2007-2008 (thousand tonnes)

Production volume of selected refinery products in Unipetrol(2) in 2007-2008 (thousand tonnes)

In 2008, ORLEN Group refineries (Litvinov and Kralupy) processed in excess of 4.5 mn tonnes of oil, which is 9.6% more than in the previous year. Higher volume of processed raw material was due to full and uninterrupted functioning of the Litvinov plant. Continuous very high demand for aviation fuel in the Czech Republic was visibly reflected in its supplies. Despite a nearly 23% increase in production volumes in ORLEN Group Czech refineries, more than 50% of aviation fuel available on the market was imported. We managed to compensate for reduced vehicle fuel consumption in 2008 with increased exports, which went up by nearly 38% compared to 2007. Our main customers were Slovakian, Polish, Austrian and German companies.