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In 2008, ORLEN Group refinery sector consisted of: Płock refinery, production assets of Rafineria Trzebinia SA and Rafineria Nafty Jedlicze SA, and ORLEN Asfalt Sp. z o.o., ORLEN Eko Sp. z o.o., (Poland), refineries: Litvinov, Kralupy and Paramo a.s. (Czech Republic), and AB Mažeikiu Nafta (Lithuania).

Crude oil processing

In 2008, 7 refineries of the ORLEN Group processed over 28 mn tonnes of oil, i.e. approximately 25.66% more than in 2007.





ORLEN Group – crude oil processing by state in 2007–2008 (mn tonnes)

  2007 2008 Dynamics
Refineries in Poland 13,65 14,53 6,40%
Refineries in Czech Republic* 4,13 4,53 9,70%
Refineries in Lituania 4,74 9,24 94,94%
Total 22,52 28,3 25,66%

* 51% Litvinov (2,8 mt/r), 51% Kralupy (1,7 mt/r).

The driving motor behind increased oil processing was the restoration of full production capacities at the Mažeikiai refinery after failure of a vacuum distillation column in October 2006. The largest volume of oil was processed at the Płock refinery (approximately 14.5 mn tonnes) and at the Mažeikiai refinery (approximately 9.2 mn tonnes). Production in all ORLEN Group refineries was based to a large extent on Russian REBCO oil, whose share in total oil processing amounted to 89%. Other types of processed oil included: Ekofisk, Forties, Gulfaks, Oseberg, Statfjord and Azeri Light. Polish Dębno and Zielonogórska oil represented approximately 2% of oil processed in the Group’s refineries located in Poland.

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