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In 2008, ORLEN Group carried out retail sales in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. The entities managing commercial operations on the respective markets were PKN ORLEN, ORLEN Deutschland AG, Benzina a.s. and AB Ventus Nafta.








Number of ORLEN Group fuel stations in respective states in 2007–2008

  2007 2008
Poland 1 897 1 803
Germany 518 509
The Czech Republic 326 334
Lithuania 34 35
Total 2 775 2 681

We reported high fuel sales dynamics, mainly due to a substantial increase in sales in PKN ORLEN (11.7%) and ORLEN Deutschland (18.4%), as well as a major increase in non-fuel sales in Poland (29%) and the Czech Republic (15%).

At the end of 2008, ORLEN Group managed 2,681 fuel stations, which sold nearly 7.7 bn litres of fuels. Approximately one third of all facilities were Premium fuel stations know for their high standard of service and offering the richest variety of fuel, non-fuel products and food services. The Premium segment fuel stations in Poland and Lithuania were operating under the ORLEN and ORLEN Lietuva brand, and in the Czech Republic under the Benzina Plus brand.

Cheaper offers and a less expensive product range was available at stations operating under the following brands: Bliska (Poland), Star (Germany) and Benzina (the Czech Republic). Motorists using economy stations have access to fuels of verified guality and access to guaranteed products and services.

Thanks to our attractive offer in Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic, we increased our share in the retail markets for another year in a row. An exception was the Lithuanian market, where the ORLEN Group reported a slight drop.

ORLEN Group Companies share in home retail fuel markets in 2007–2008 (%)

  2007 2008 Dynamics
PKN ORLEN / Poland* 27,80% 29,50% 1,7 p.p.
ORLEN Deutschland / Germany** 3,80% 4,60% 0,8 p.p.
BENZINA / The Czech Republic 13,10% 13,70% 0,6 p.p.
ORLEN Lietuva / Lithuania*** 4,10% 3,80% -0,3 p.p.

*Share in the retail market estimated on the basis of ARER consumption data.

**Total sales through all channels.

*** Based only on the sales at own stations.


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